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For over 20 Years .. Master Builders
of Gunite and Shotcrete Construction
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Gunite is pneumatically applied concrete, which can achieve strengths of 6000 to 7000 PSI (cast in place concrete is usually 3000 to 3500 PSI). Gunite's strength is the result of the dense packing of the material as it is sprayed, as well as the fact that a relatively small amount of water is required to hydrate the cement. Shotcrete, also know as "wet gun" is very similar, but uses more water in the mixing of sand and concrete. Sometimes in the construction process, other materials are used to achieve an even stronger final product.
Air-Tech Systems is a team of Master Builders. Gunite and Shotcrete is used to create realistic worlds and habitats. Sophisticated water systems are applied to some, created an almost living entity. Gunite and Shotcrete can be applied to create vertical walls, caves, mountains, waterfalls and just about anything that you can imagine. Adventure Golf Courses are a perfect example of one the applications that Gunite and Shotcrete can create. Another is Waterpark Construction. We have built many Waterparks on the East Coast over the last 20 years and our experience shows in our work. Everything from the initial steps of submitting design concepts to site planning and engineering specifications, plumbing, electrical, carpentry, concrete work, plaster, custom brick work, rock, and landscaping, to turn key operations. All facets of every project are carefully planned with public safety in mind, and treated with the same dedication to detail deserving of a work of art.
Custom Themed Habitats
Custom Waterparks
Entertainment Centers
Amusement Parks
Miniature Golf Courses
Custom In-Ground Pools
Zoos & Aquariams
Themed Pond Construction
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